St. Albans Community Alternatives Program

The NFI St. Albans team serves multiple populations and agencies in the Franklin/Grand Isle communities. All of our services strive to be family focused, collaborative, and highly individualized. All of our services are trauma-informed and prioritize building relationships to promote safety, development and change.

Wraparound Program utilizes a planning process that follows a series of steps to help children and families realize their hopes and dreams. The wraparound process strives to ensure children and youth grow up in their homes and communities. It is a planning process that brings people together from different parts of the whole family’s life. With help from the clinical case managers, people from the family’s life work together, coordinate their activities, and blend perspectives in an effort to support the family goals. The wraparound process is implemented in a 4 stage strength based process:

  1. Engagement and team preparation
  2. Initial plan development
  3. Plan implementation
  4. Transition

The 10 Principles of the Wraparound Process:

  • Family voice and choice
  • Team based
  • Natural supports
  • Community based
  • Collaboration
  • Cultural competence
  • Individualized
  • Strength based
  • Persistence
  • Outcome based

Program Contact:

Kristin Shepherd, Program Director
Fairfield Road
St. Albans, VT

Phone: 802.524.1700

Program Information:

  • Program Type: Community Based
  • Service Types: Behavioral Health Services
  • Gender: Gender Neutral
  • Capacity: 14
  • Ages: 6-22 years old
  • Length of Stay: Varies

Referring Agencies:

  • Department of Children and Families (DCF)
  • Department of Mental Health (DMH)