Logo for: NAFI Vermont

In 1984, the State of Vermont reached out to NFI VT, and invited us to develop programs to divert children and adolescents from the state hospital. NFI VT met the challenge with a proposal to develop a comprehensive system of care, including crisis stabilization, residential care, and therapeutic foster care. The proposal was accepted and NFI Vermont was born.

In the early 1990’s, NFI VT partnered with the UVM Psychology department, to pilot Wraparound Services- customized support system for the family; case management and clinical services in the community setting.

NFI VT quickly gained a reputation for offering excellent clinical treatment in small programs centered on children and families. As we became more adept at managing and treating, the state of Vermont began to rely less on out-of-state and residential placements and more on treating children at home or in their communities.

Over the past 40+ years, NFI VT has grown to include (4) Wraparound Programs, (5) Staffed Living/Residential programs, including a youth inpatient crisis stabilization program, (4) day schools, (2) outpatient therapy programs, and therapeutic foster care homes and support services for foster families. We continue to partner with the Agency of Human Services, Department of Mental Health, Department for Children and Families, school districts, and local mental health agencies to identify and serve the unmet mental health and educational needs of Vermont’s youth and families.