NFI Therapeutic Foster Parent Service

NFI therapeutic foster parents provide safe nurturing homes for Vermont’s children, helping them to handle their emotional challenges and learn new, more adaptive ways to engage. Foster parents are essential to the success of NFI’s comprehensive approach to helping children.

It takes special people to provide the loving and effective home an NFI child needs. To help foster parents succeed, NFI offers a generous stipend of $1950 per month for each foster child, training, supervision, respite and 24 hour crisis response.

NFI therapeutic foster parents provide a structured, well-supervised, nurturing home. They teach socially appropriate behavior in a family setting, promote situations that enhance self-esteem and positive life choices, and encourage constructive problem-solving. Most important, they are committed to the best interests of the child, his/her primary family, and the comprehensive treatment plan.

Foster parents face many challenges, but the contributions they make to a child’s future are immeasurable – as are the rewards that come from truly making a difference in the life of a child.

NFI Respite Providers

Caregivers face many challenges. Therapeutic Foster parenting is a demanding task, and it is easy to neglect your own health and well being when you are involved with your loved one’s needs. NFI Foster parents need time off from their caregiving responsibilities to relieve stress and prevent burnout. Effective, sustainable caregiving depends on meeting the caregiver’s own needs for nurture, reassurance, support and periodic respite.

Respite care provides time off for family members and NFI Foster Families on a regular basis. The objective is to provide caregivers with planned temporary, intermittent, substitute care, allowing for relief from the daily responsibilities of caring for child.

For more information about becoming an NFI Therapeutic Foster parent/respite provider, please call Jodie Clarke (Chittenden and Franklin County) at 1-802-363-7578 or Lynda Jeffreys (Windham and Windsor County) at 1-802-254-2558.