NFI Vermont welcomes inquiries, suggestions and feedback regarding our organization and services.

NFI Vermont, Inc.

30 Airport Road
South Burlington, VT 05403
Phone: 802.658.0040
Fax: 802.658.0216

In addition, you may contact our programs directly by calling a staff member from the program list below.

NFI Vermont Programs and Services

Community Based Programs:

Program Contact Phone
Brattleboro Community Alternatives Program (BCAP) Steve Drott, Program Director 802-254-2558
Community Based Services (CBS) Tracie Carlson, Program Director 802-658-0040
Crossroads Intensive Outpatient Program Nicholas Grudev, Program Director of Adult Services
Elizabeth Griswold, LICSW, Program Director of Adolescent Services
Diagnostic Assessment Program (DAP) Tracie Carlson, Program Director 802-658-0040
Family Center Tina Bleau, Director of Outpatient Services
Dave Melnick, Co-Director of Outpatient Services
St. Albans Community Alternatives Program Kristin Sheperd, Program Director 802-524-1700
St. Albans Children and Family Supports (CFS) Tracy Jones, Program Director 802-524-1700
St. Albans Post Permanence Program Kriss Lococo, Assistant Regional Director 802-524-1700
Therapeutic Foster Parent Service Jodie Clarke 802-658-0040

Educational Services:

Program Contact Phone
Arlington School Michelle Richard, Program Director 802-748-4424
Cornerstone School Jeanne Graham, Program Director 802-748-6282
East Meadow School Heather Perkins, Program Director 802-888-4151
Turning Points School Beth Brookes, Program Director 802-895-2541
Centerpoint School Mitch Barron, Program Director 802-488-7711

Residential Services:

Program Contact Phone
Allenbrook Program Jennifer Snay, Program Director 802-658-1433
Brattleboro DBT Program Jessica Story, Program Director 802-254-2298
Group Home Program Jennifer Heintz, Program Director 802-658-2441
Hospital Diversion Services Anne Kneale, Assistant Regional Director 802-658-2004
Shelburne House Jen White, Assistant Regional Director 802-859-9112
The Village House Heather Barton, Program Director 802-863-1561