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NFI is a Specialized Service Agency (SSA) within the larger State designated system of mental health care partners.  Related to NFI’s role in the State network, referrals to most of our programs require pre-authorization from a community partner. We encourage you to first contact your local Designated Agency to determine available services.

More Information

General Referral Information 

Therapeutic Residential, CFS, Post Perm, Wraparound, and School programs:  

Referrals to these programs require approval and pre-authorization by the Department of Mental Health, Department for Children and Families, local Designated Agency, and/or the School District-Supervisory Union.

Hospital Diversion Program: 

If individual has Vermont Medicaid- NFI will need a referral from the local Designated Agency crisis team. If an individual has private insurance - Referral can be made by the Department of Mental Health, Designated Agency through local crisis team screeners, private psychiatric practitioners, and/or hospital case management and social workers.

Outpatient Mental Health Programs: (Individuals/Families can self-refer.)     

  • Family Center: Please call the program to inquire about openings.
  • Crossroads IOP: Please call the program to inquire about openings.


NFI Program Directors review referral information and maintain the right to determine the appropriateness of accepting the referral.  Acceptance is based on an individual’s clinical need, payer source, and program openings. Individuals may be accepted, denied, or placed on a waitlist


Waitlist timeframes differ depending on the program. Wait times may vary from a day, few days, to weeks or months. Programs that do not offer a waitlist option will provide individual with alternative community resource or referral to another provider. The NFI Administrative office does not collect or process Referral and Intake information for programs.