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About NFI Vermont

Our mission is to embrace strengths and to acknowledge struggles as we join with youth, families, and communities to promote growth and healing.

NFI VT specializes in the treatment of trauma, attachment issues, mood disorders, racism, discrimination, and bias as causes of historical and ongoing trauma.  We are highly regarded in the state of Vermont by our colleagues and peers as experienced in crafting high quality, client-centered treatment plans, individualized programs and collaborative support systems. We value a working and treatment environment of support, belonging, and respect.

NFI provides intensive community-based, outpatient, residential, educational, and crisis stabilization programs in multiple regions of the state.  Services are provided in the home-environment, foster homes, staffed transitional living, schools, and/or at community sites.

Treatments may include Mental Health services, case management, residential treatment, foster care, diagnostic assessment, educational services and consultation to Vermont’s youth, families, adults and the community.

Our History

NFI VT Trauma-Informed Statement

Core to our values and mission, NFI VT commits to being a trauma-informed, trauma-sensitive, and trauma responsive agency. We value a culture that works in relationship with all those who we encounter and promotes belonging and empowerment.

Trauma awareness permeates all that we do. We recognize that the people we serve, those we encounter, and our staff may have experienced adverse events and/or trauma in their lives. We embrace ways to reduce the chance of traumatizing or re-traumatizing individuals, to help clients and staff feel safe and respected. It is important for us to foster both a working and treatment environment of honesty, trust, calm, flexibility, accountability and support. Work and treatment relationships are centered in transparency, open communication and compassion.

NFI VT integrates knowledge about trauma into policies, procedures, practices, trainings, and staff supervision. We invest in opportunities for hiring and growing trauma-informed staff, professional development, and both employee and client/family wellness.

Acknowledging Racial Trauma

We at NFI know it is imperative to acknowledge that racism affects all of us and for people of color the impact can be traumatizing. We commit to listening, acknowledging, and validating lived experience while working toward growth and healing.

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