Save the Date: NFI Vermont September Conference

July 21, 2017

Day 1 Thursday, September 21st: Sandra Bloom, MD:
CREATING, DESTROYING, AND RESTORING SANCTUARY: Trauma-Informed Care, the Crisis in Human Service Delivery Systems and the Sanctuary Model
In this presentation, Dr. Sandra Bloom will describe her journey of becoming trauma-informed and the key things she and her colleagues learned from their adult survivors of childhood adversity and other forms of trauma. She will then summarize what may happen to groups under significant stress and discuss a trauma-informed organizational approach, the Sanctuary Model that helps organizations develop trauma-informed cultures to buffer individuals against the impact of chronic stress.

Day 2 Friday, September 22nd: Kenneth V. Hardy, PhD:
TOWARDS A PSYCHOLOGY OF THE OPPRESSED: Treating the Invisible Wounds of Sociocultural Trauma
Trauma is a pervasive and debilitating experience that acutely affects the lives of many and underpins virtually every request for therapy. As healthcare providers, working effectively in these times of unprecedented turmoil requires us to have a comprehensive understanding of the nuances of trauma and how it affects the everyday experiences of those we serve. Unfortunately, our understanding, and ultimately our work with clients is often constrained by narrow and classical definitions of trauma. This address will provide new and fresh ideas for re-thinking trauma through the prism of oppression. Clinical strategies and relevant Self of the Therapist issues will be discussed.

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