Brattleboro Community Alternatives Program and DBT House Undertakings

July 2, 2019

As the Brattleboro Community Alternatives Program (BCAP) and the DBT House are moving into the summer two new undertakings have started.

Given the work our programs do with children to improve their futures, and all the news concerning the impact of climate change a group of interested staff volunteered to form a “Green Group”.  Their plan is to take an in-depth look at our programs with the purpose of doing three things; evaluate how the programs are currently doing in relation to their carbon footprints, identify possible changes that could be made to become more environmentally friendly/reduce our carbon footprint, and to create a wish list of changes that they would like to see even if they seem impractical at this time.  Though this group has recently started their work, some small changes have already been implemented due to their efforts.

Our second major undertaking was motivated by our resource coordinator.  There was a desire to celebrate and strengthen our relationship with our DCF partners as well as get out the word about the need for foster parents.  A NFI/DCF Softball match has been scheduled for Saturday, August 10.  This will include interested staff from all three NFI southern programs in a friendly competition with staff from DCF Brattleboro.  While still in the organizational stage it is expected that tables will be set up to advertise the need for foster parents, and promote foster parent programs.  It is also expected that there will be special activities for children, and we are hoping to have a couple of the most popular food trucks in the area joining us for the event.