Turning Points School

The Turning Points School Program is a regional, independent school located on Meade Hill in Morgan, Vermont.  Turning Points was established in 1998, at the request of local educators, to provide alternative education and mental health services to local students with emotional and behavioral challenges.

At Turning Points, students participate in language arts, science, social studies, math classes, physical education and therapeutic activities daily.  The educational curriculum is process oriented and directed toward individual developmental and emotional needs.  A licensed special educator works with the student and his family to develop educational and behavioral goals that meet the objectives defined in the students Individual Education Plan. (IEP). Clinical case management and individual clinical services are provided in collaboration with Northeast Kingdom Mental health, the local community mental health center.  Family participation is an important part of the Turning Points experience.  



Contact Information:

Beth Brookes, Program Director

158 Meade Hill

Morgan, VT 05853

802-895-2541  Phone

802-895-2776 Fax


Program Type

Day Treatment/ Alternative School

Service Type





Male  Female 




6-18 years old

Length of Stay

18 months (average)

Referring Agency

Public Schools in a variety of school districts.