East Meadow School

East Meadow School (EMS), located in Morrisville Vermont, is a trauma informed day treatment school whose therapeutic model is developed from components of multiple, evidence based frameworks.  Utilizing elements of Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS); Applied Behavior Analysis; NeuroSequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT); Attachment, Regulation and Competency (ARC) and Normative Culture, EMS creates a safe, therapeutic, consistent and structured learning environment where students learn the skills they need to access their education.  In addition to establishing clear goals for learning through the Common Core, students and staff work together to establish a community that not only fosters a sense of belonging and membership, but also an environment that allows for the development of mutually agreed upon behavioral norms and expectations.  The EMS model cultivates a sense of ownership and investment in sustaining community as well as students’ evaluation of their individual and classmates’ progress in regulating their thoughts, feelings and behaviors.   These skills are transferable across all environments and critical to becoming successful community members as well as integrating back to their sending schools.

There are three classrooms for students grades 1 – 12 at EMS.  Staffing includes an office manager, on-site director, licensed teachers, a licensed special educator and mental health providers from Lamoille County Mental Health.  This small staff to student ratio allows for one-on-one support when necessary.  In addition, there are two regional directors that provide oversight for educational and clinical programming and are also frequently on site.  

Contact Information:

Lauren Collier, Program Director

East Meadow School

28 James Road, Box 1

Morrisville, VT   05661

(802) 888 - 4151  (phone)

(802) 888 - 4036 (Fax)




                     PROGRAM TYPE:           Day Treatment School

                     SERVICE TYPE:              Education

                     LOCATION:                     28 James Road, Box 1, Morrisville, VT 05661

                     GENDER:                        Male and Female

                     CAPACITY:                      24

                     AGES:                                6 - 18 Years Old

                     LENGTH OF STAY:         Average 18 months

                     REFERRING AGENCY:   Public Schools in a variety of school districts.