The Cornerstone School

Cornerstone School is an independent day facility providing educational, therapeutic, and reintegration services for up to 35 male and female students in grades 2 - 12. Accepted students are in need of specialized services in a self-contained classroom due to academic and emotional difficulties which interfere with their ability to function in the traditional school environment. Cornerstone serves students with emotional disabilities, learning impairment, specific learning disabilities, other health impairment and developmental disabilities. Services include comprehensive clinical assessment, psychiatry, educational testing, academic instruction, vocational services and consultation to local schools. The mission of the school is to build a safe, trusting and responsible community in which students are encouraged to take risks, rise to challenges, fulfill expectations and support each other.


Contact Information:

Jeanne Graham, Program Director

510 Portland Street

St. Johnsbury, VT 05819

802-748-6282 (phone)

802-748-5212  (fax)


Program Type

Community Based School, Special Education

Service Type





Male  Female 




6 to 22 years old

Length of Stay

1-3 years

Referring Agency

School Districts, Supervisory Unions