Independent Living Services (The Village House)

Mission: To exercise Safety, Respect, and Responsibility in and out of the home, while developing independent living skills, gaining vocational experience, and successfully integrating within the community

The focus of this program is to provide independent living skills and increased experience in independence through supportive education, mentoring, community integration, and self-determination. Our clients are young men with mental illness aged 17-22 who are “aging out” of their previous residential facilities and in need of support prior to complete independent living. Staff members pay special attention to building the resident’s confidence and functionality, while always focusing on SAFETY. The house is shaped around the individual clients and will continue to grow and change as they do.

Residents will also learn everyday living skills and about the resources and systems for adults in the community. The Village House is a “bridge” for the clients as they transition into adulthood.

Contact Information:

Heather Barton, Program Director
119 Village Green
Burlington, VT 05401
802-863-1561 (phone)


PROGRAM TYPE Residential
SERVICE TYPE Behavioral Health Services
AGES 17 to 22 years old
LENGTH OF STAY 1.5 years (average)
REFERRING AGENCY Department of Mental Health (DMH)