Hospital Diversion


The Hospital Diversion Program is a short term residential program that assists adolescents who are experiencing an acute psychiatric crisis. We are a staff secure facility serving children, ages 10 to 18, from all over the state of Vermont. These youth require crisis stabilization, clinical consultation and assessment, and treatment planning. We support young people in developing their own treatment focus and creating a “Success Plan” for themselves upon discharge. We work with families and outpatient providers to develop a comprehensive plan of care. The Hospital Diversion team is comprised of approachable and enthusiastic residential counselors, competent master’s level clinicians, and an experienced psychiatric team; all available 24 hours a day. A typical admission lasts about a week. During this time residents do not typically attend school. Their parents or caregivers are invited to participate in both family and treatment team meetings. A comprehensive discharge summary is provided to parents and team members upon discharge.


Contact Information:

Anne Peterson, Program Director

802-658-2004 (phone)

802-658-1922 (fax)

Program Type

Residential (Inpatient Mental Health)

Service Type

Behavioral Health Services




Male  Female 




10 to 18 years old

Length of Stay

7 to 10 days

Referring Agency

Department of Mental Health (DMH) through local screeners and private psychiatric or mental health referral