Management Team:


Chuck Myers, Executive Director

Cara Capparelli, Clinical Director

Kathy Pettengill, Director of Operations

Kathy Costello, Regional Director -North

Sandra Ziegler, Residential Regional Director

John Allen, Jr., Regional Director -South

Jen Heintz, Program Director –Group Home

Dave Melnick, Director of Outpatient Services

Suzanne Masland, Regional DirectorCaledonia & Cornerstone

Kym Asam, Regional Director –Turning Points and Buffalo Mountain

Mitch Barron, Program DirectorCenterpoint

Ali Wise & Tracie Carlson, Program Director –CBS

Anne Peterson, Program Director- Hospital Diversion

Rachael Donovan, Program Director –Shelburne House

Kristen Lococo, Assistant Regional Director - St. Albans programs

Amy Whittemore, Human Resource Manager

Heather Barton - Program Director - Independent Living

Natalie Lemery - Program Director - CFS- St. Albans