Our mission is to embrace strengths and to acknowledge struggles as we join with youth, families, and communities to promote growth and healing.


Since 1984, NFI Vermont has created safe and supportive treatment programs for children, who struggle with severe emotional problems.

Our goal is to work together with families to help every child succeed.  Building on each individual’s strengths and abilities, we create a unique treatment environment at home, in therapeutic foster care or within small family-like group programs.  Your child will continue with school and community activities throughout their stay at NFI.

NFI is dedicated to:

·         Helping children and families to direct their own care.

·         Customized individual programming for each child and family.

·         Flexible, creative and culturally sensitive services.

·         A “no child will fail” philosophy.

·         Working together with families, community members, the schools and public and private agencies to provide the best care possible for each child and family.

NFI is located throughout Vermont offering children’s mental health services in 11 supportive communities: Bennington, Burlington, South Burlington, Brattleboro, Hardwick, Newport, St. Albans, St. Johnsbury, Springfield, Williston and Winooski.

NFI specializes in the following services:

·         Adolescent Diagnostic and Assessment Services

·         Community intensive Wraparound Services

·         Special Educational Services

·         Therapeutic Foster Care Services

·         Outpatient Mental Health Services

·         Intensive Residential Treatment

·         Adolescent crisis stabilization services